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25 Gallon Standard Reef Cleanup Crew

25 Gallon Standard Reef Cleanup Crew

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Red and Blue Leg Hermits play a vital role in any aquarium's Clean-Up Crew. These omnivores have a knack for accessing even the tiniest crevices and openings within the aquascape, devouring any nuisance algae like hair algae and cyanobacteria. They also contribute to the ecosystem by consuming uneaten food and waste as they move around the aquarium, thereby aerating the sand substrate and promoting the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria.

Scarlet Hermits exhibit an insatiable appetite for detritus and algae, particularly favoring filamentous, hair, and slime algae, along with cyanobacteria. Most Scarlet Reef Hermit Crabs are notably peaceful towards their tankmates, unlike some other hermit crab species.

Nassarius Snails are highly active scavengers, feeding on carrion such as dead fish and crabs. They frequently burrow into marine substrates and wait with only their siphon protruding until they detect nearby food. Their presence is crucial for aerating substrates and consuming leftover food and waste.

Astraea Snails are excellent herbivores renowned for their voracious appetite for nuisance algae in home aquariums. They particularly target algae such as diatoms and cyano, contributing to algae control and maintaining a clean environment.

Cerith Snails are both aesthetically pleasing and effective members of the clean-up crew. Highly sought after, they consume substantial amounts of algae, including troublesome hair varieties, especially when they are small.

Turbo Snails are highly popular among reef aquarium enthusiasts due to their rapid eradication of large quantities of nuisance algae. While they have a preference for hair algae, they also consume other types found on live rock and aquarium glass. It's important to note that Turbo Snails may need assistance if they become overturned, as some individuals may struggle to right themselves.

 8x  Assorted Red & Blue Leg Hermits
 4x  Scarlet Reef Hermits
 5x  Nassarius Snails
 5x  Astrea Snails
 5x  Cerith Snails
 3x  Turbo Snails
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