Acclimation Guide

Goals for acclimation: 

  1. Slowly raise the pH .1 pH for every 20 minutes
  2. Match temperature
  3. Match salinity
  4. Match Ph

Drip acclimation process:

  1. Drip 4+ drops per second or how many drops it takes to raise the Ph .1 in 20 mins. (Example clam package comes in at 7.9ph and your system is at 8.0ph). This should take you 20 mins for acclimation. 
  2. Remove water (bring water line to 1” over clam level) Otherwise the extra water dilute every drop
  3. Increase drip speed once you hit 7.8ph. From 7.8 to 8.4 it will take more drops to raise the ph
  4. Continue dripping and continue taking water out of the container until the pH, salinity, temperature matches your system 
  5. Use pH probe salinity probe and temperature to make sure everything matches if you have the equipment
  6. Ideally in your acclimation container: have a small heater, a pump, also add airline tubing and a bubbler if you have it, as this will help raise the pH, circulate the flow of water, matches temperature to your system, and bring healthy oxygen into the water. 


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